Starfetched, Crescent Moon Games
2D side-scrolling platformer for iOS, macOS and tvOS made for Apple Arcade by an 11 member team

  • Coding enemies and bosses according to game design document. Implementing behavior patterns (patrolling, attacking, idling, shooting in different patterns, tower defense variants).
  • Spine animations, sound and inspector controls for game designer.
  • Implementing achievements system and coding achievements for Apple Game Center.
  • Creating, expanding and maintaining various state, view controllers and utilities (cutscenes, dialogues, level selection, level loading).
  • Data management, maintenance and serialization for game state saving with playerprefs and cloud.
    Bug fixing and other small tasks.

Rick Henderson, Fat Pug Studio (Published by EastAsiaSoft)
2D side-scrolling space shooter for Windows, Xbox, PS4/PS5 and Nintendo Switch

  • Solo development from ground up.
  • Enemy design with custom behaviors, weapons, attack patterns for over 40 enemy types and bosses.
  • Player weapon and upgrades design for over 30 weapons.
  • Scoring and ranking system, random events system.
  • Gamepad and keyboard input.
  • User interface design and programming.
  • Visual effects, implementing animations, particle systems, dynamic lighting Audio design.
  • Steam achievements.
  • Performance optimization.
  • Console porting

Dire Fog (TBA), Aspiring Armadillo Studios
PVP turn based tactical combat deck builder game made by 10+ member team

  • Writing unit tests in XUnit
  • In game testing
  • Brainstorming with team leader and artist on art, new abilities, mechanics, UI and UX
  • Coding new cards and mechanics in the current framework
  • Expanding existing systems and managers and making new API’s for Unity to connect to backend

Grandma (sequel, TBA), Uneasy Games
3D first person horror game, sequel of a game “Grandma” for Windows and macOS

  • Complex AI and behavior.
  • Character controller.
  • Audio implementation.
  • Importing models and making navigation meshes.
  • User interface work.
  • Puzzle design
  • Bug fixes and optimizations of previous programmers work.

Various freelance work

2D and 3D puzzle games and children games for mobile, implementation of Unity standard assets vehicle controller for a racing game with various modifications, integration of visual novel engine with Playmaker and so on.