From Playmaker to C#

From Playmaker to C#

In my previous blog entry i reviewed most popular scripting solutions, with Playmaker being number one as a one of a kind solution for making games easily.

As noted, while being extremely useful for rapid prototyping, you can encounter multiple issues that i wrote about. As far as i know, few people are working on it, so the development is going really slow, with some major problems still existing in the current codebase after many years, such as global variables mess, FSM templates problems and many more, which can seriously hinder larger projects.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not advocating against using Playmaker, as i said it’s a great tool that can help you learn to code and make something playable very fast, but in the long term, bigger teams, serious projects and job opportunities, even speed when you learn to script properly – code simply wins.

So this will be a new part of the website where i will be helping Playmaker developers transit to C#.

I’ve been making a small Rick Henderson spin off that started out as a Playmaker project, but due to problems in porting Rick Henderson to consoles (yes, Playmaker is causing those issues) i’m currently slowly transforming the project from Playmaker to pure C# and i will guide you through. It’s quite easy, as you will see 🙂

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